Designing management modality for E-bike and E-scooter sharing system in Hue city


The project aims at proposing appropriate operation models for Hue city, including policy and institutional recommendations based on the review of international experiences and the assessment of existing national e‐bike sharing pilots.

The project

During the project the following activities are carried-out:

• Review of international experiences and case study on application of bike, e-bike/scooter sharing system, including institutional arrangement;
• Identification and analysis of trends, good practices, financial, regulatory,organization and legal context; 
• Assessment of facilities factors to establish partnerships with government and stakeholders;
• Analysis of current legal, policy frameworks, technical standards to facilitate the development of e-bike and sharing systems;
• Assessment of piloted bike-sharing activitiesin Hue city and other cities.

Our role

UNeed.IT is the sole responsible


Hue - Vietnam