With the adoption of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), the city of Colleferro (RM) defines strategies and actions to be implemented over a ten-year time horizon.

The project

The SUMP reconstructs the current mobility situation by identifying the main critical and weak elements and consequently defines macro and specific objectives to be achieved through new planning in the following areas: effectiveness and efficiency of the mobility system; energy and environmental sustainability; road safety; socio-economic sustainability. The achievement of the objectives, which is monitored through a set of indicators, is referred to the Plan Scenario, which foresees the implementation of certain strategies and actions and is defined through a comparative assessment with alternative scenarios. The PUMS foresees an extensive citizen participation process in all its phases.

Our role

UNeed.IT provides technical support in all phases of the PUMS with particular attention to the analysis of passenger transport (public and private) and the identification of the interventions of the plan.


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