The project aims to develop a new micro-mobility vehicle, based on the intelligent fusion of the concepts of monowheel and scooter, in order to obtain a silent, clean, energy efficient, attractive and publicly accessible vehicle.

The project

Vehicle development includes: – consolidation of preliminary concepts, through the definition of functionalities and comparison with existing vehicles on the basis of an extensive analysis of user’s needs, safety needs and regulatory requirements; – structural, technical and electronic design and in-house testing; – extensive demonstration and re-design phase. The vehicles, which can be used with or without battery swapping, will be tested in four cities: Rome (Italy), Eilat (Israel) and two other cities identified through a tender procedure. The Rome pilot will start with 50 vehicles and provide input for the subsequent pilot phases in the other sites (where 100 vehicles will be tested) with the aim of achieving a final TRL of 8-9.   

Our role

UNeed.IT will be responsible for the design and coordination of the Rome pilot, in collaboration with the Municipality, and will manage the transfer of the main results to the other pilot sites. UNeed.IT will also support the definition of the main technical requirements of the vehicles.


Europe - Israel


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