Electric mobility in the Sahel-Phase 2


The study constitutes Phase 2 of a previous study on the potential of electric transition for 2/3 wheel vehicles in the Sahel (particularly in Burkina Faso and Mali) and aims to analyse some cross-cutting issues with possible significant implications.

The project

The study focuses on the analysis of the following aspects at present and in perspective: – private sector involvement; – fiscal implications; – political economy impacts; impacts in terms of job creation/destruction.

The study also provides a feasibility analysis of several investment concepts developed in the previous phase, based on specific use cases. The results of the feasibility analysis allow the identification of two pilot projects to be implemented in the cities of Bamako (Mali) and Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso), for which a detailed design is provided. 

In particular, the structure of the pilot projects includes: – definition of objectives and targets to be measured; – identification of stakeholders; – operational plan; – financial plan; – monitoring and evaluation plan; – communication plan. 

Our role

UNeed.IT is in charge of the whole study.


Mali, Burkina Faso


World Bank