Towards Low Carbon Transport: Piloting e-mobility within Belize’s Public Transport System


The objective of the assignment is to develop a cohesive low carbon transport and or electro-mobility strategy, which will support the Government of Belize to assess the short to medium term market potential and readiness to roll out EVs and provide recommendations for viable scalable, private sector-led business models for low carbon transport integration into Belize’s transport sector incorporating implementation frameworks for the deployment and scale-up of Electric Vehicles. The consultancy is set to develop a detailed financial scheme for the adoption of low-carbon transportation options including Electric vehicles in Belize.

The project

During the project the following activities are carried-out:

• Analysis of tmarket readiness and potential;

• Analysis of policy and regulatory framework for EV vehicle ownership;

• Identification of investment needs and assessment of benefits linked to electrification;

• Set-up of potential business models and creation of investment plans;

• Recommendation of financial and policy incentives;

• Stakeholders’ engagement.

Our role

UNeed.IT is the sole responsible for the assignment.