National Transport data observatory Pakistan


The transition process towards sustainable transport and mobility can only be driven by relevant, comprehensive, timely and reliable data. To this end, the establishment of the National Transport Data Observatory is an essential and integral part of improving the governance of the transport sector in Pakistan.

The project

The project aims to create a system for data collection and analysis, covering all modes of transport, for both freight and passenger transport.
The system will be populated with existing data provided by government authorities at different territorial levels, supplemented by ad hoc surveys and consultations.
The output of the activity, preparatory to the future implementation of the observatory, consists of a detailed plan containing all the necessary regulatory, legal, technical and financial elements.

Our role

UNeed.IT contributed to drafting of the observatory concept plan, with particular reference to the definition of the essential functions, the identification of the institutions responsible for data collection, data requirements, institutional, legal and legal resources, software and hardware requirements.


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Mott MacDonald/Asian Development Bank