LIFE2M - Long Life to Micro-Mobility


EU Life Programme-funded project

The project

LIFE2M intend to promote micromobility as the most efficient urban and peri-urban mobility system and to make micromobility more sustainable, eliminating the need to recycle lithium batteries and extend the life of microvehicles, decreasing the consumption of resources, energy and generation of waste, in particular limiting the employment of raw materials and recycling (revamping and reuse of microvehicles and reducing the need for battery recycling).

These goals are achieved through three specific objectives and related groups of actions:

1. Development and demonstration, through 3 demos in 3 different cities of innovative technological elements and components with a special focus on innovative accumulators based on the hybrid supercapacitor technology;

2. Development of communication tools and campaigns, which raise awareness of the importance and usefulness of micromobility and support its spreading, acting on user behavior, road safety aspects, and environmental impacts;

3. Development of business models, strategies and best practices for the sustainability of the micromobility market in its various forms (private vehicles, sharing and transport of goods)

Our role

UNeed.IT contributes to all project activites, with specific responsibilities in the following actions: - Set up of of business models and strategies for the development of micromobility - Stakeholder engagement - Exploitation and replication strategy - Data collection, monitoring and analysis.




European Commission