The ASL (Local Health Authority) Roma 4 area stretches over a territory of about 1,317 km2 and includes 28 municipalities with a population of around 320,000 inhabitants and an average density of 246 inhabitants/km2.
The territory extends over an arc of more than 160 km, starting from the North-East, on the borders of Rome, to the West, on the coastal fringes of the province of Viterbo, and is divided into 4 Districts. The ASL territory is relatively sparsely populated, so the optimal use of the available space is essential to ensure adequate services to citizens.

The project

The objective of the project is to provide ASL with technical assistance on logistical and environmental practices to reorganise and optimise the authority’s facilities, in order to:

– ensure maximum functionality of the services by integrating them and minimising the use of space;

– reorganise the physical spaces according to the various functions identified.

Our role

UNeed.IT carries out all tasks, from preliminary data collection, methodology definition, mapping of the services, project design and implementation and accessibility analysis.


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ASL Rome 4